Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Olympics Games 2008 beijing:Should Malaysia create a new formula?

Olympics games in China were ended with thousands of history, tragedy, Incident and memories and China ended it as the host of the game leading with 47 gold medal. There is a something behind the success, whether it was a preparation or spirit among the athlete that inspire them to achieve their best achievements ever in Olympic Games history. Britain, which will be the next host for the tournament, was target to achieve at least fourth place and it was miracle when Britain achieved it before the end of Olympic Games in London. Actually, with preparation and facility that every country have, they should know that they could achieve more without depends on miracle ,and relates to Britain and China achievements ,we could say that, there are formula in order to achieve the target. As well as in Malaysia, we have world class facilities plus with preparation given by government to the athlete, unfortunately we only deserve one medal traditionally comes from the shutters’. What happened to other sports? With great facilities, we still fail to achieve it .Since our achievement still below the par, we should find other formula in order to perform in world stage because it would be something wrong if all the great facilities that we have turned to nothing when it comes to the achievements of the athletes.

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